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Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. Perhaps your life has been touched in some way by a learning disability. If so, there are some amazing resources for you, whether a parent, a student, or educator. LD Online is one of them, which provides guides for educators and parents. One I would like to highlight is an article outlining very useful information for parents of students with learning disabilities and how to help them experience success. It is based on longitudinal research and identifies 6 success attributes that really make a difference and are more important than IQ and grades:

  1. Self-awareness: understanding his/her own disability and how it affects his/her life, but understanding that it is only one aspect of themselves.
  2. Proactivity: actively engaged in the world around them; the belief that they are able to affect their life outcome; and engage in self-advocacy.
  3. Perseverence: not quitting when things are difficult but also knowing when to quit, modify goals, or change strategies. Learning from difficult situations is necessary for success.
  4. Goal Setting: setting specific yet flexible goals that are realistic and aligned with strengths.
  5. Using support systems: take the initiative to get help instead of waiting for someone to rescue. Individuals providing support also help individuals with learning disabilities set appropriate goals and help to know when goals need to be revised.
  6. Emotional coping strategies: knowing particular stress triggers; being aware when stress is developing; and having access to and using coping strategies.

While research shows these attributes foster success, research hasn’t yet been able to identify the best way to teach these attributes. However, this same article outlines some examples of key components and offers recommendations for fostering success attributes in children with learning disabilities.

I have only provided hightlights from the article, so I highly recommend you check out the full http://www.ldonline.org/article/12836; it is reader friendly and you will find links to other useful resources.
I hope you have found this information helpful. Thanks for reading!

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